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    Alternative : アルフヘイムの騎士 (Japanese); 妖精国の騎士; 妖精國的騎士 (Chinese); Рыцари сказочного королевства (Russian); Fairy Kingdom's Knights; The Knights of Elfland; Knights of Alfheim (English); Les Chevaliers d'Alfheim (French); Yousei-koku no Kishi; Hiệp Sĩ Rừng Xanh; Hoàng Tử Xứ Thần Tiên (Vietnamese - Tiếng Việt - TV)
  • Author(s) : Nakayama Seika,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-11-2017 04:14:58 AM
  • TransGroup : Updating
  • View : 7,720
  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gender bender, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 3.86/ 5 - 7 votes

Alfheim no Kishi summary:

From Friendship Scans Princess Rosely’s fate was sealed when she first picked up a sword trying to kill an evil wizard. Little did she know the legendary Lucilys, Sword of Light, had chosen her to be its heiress. That also meant her peaceful life in the castle of Altodias would no longer be the same. Soon, the young princess encounters the pain of losing all the people that she loved, and being separated from her twin brother Rolant, the heir of Silvan, the Sword of the Moon. Rosely would have been even dead floating in a cold river if she had not been saved by a handsome green-eyed king of the Alf. Growing up as his foster daughter in Alfheim, Rosely learns magic and martial arts from the Alf, only waiting for the day she can avenge for her lost country. Will she be able to fulfill her will? What does the fatal sword Lucilys have in store for her? Will resentment drive her into insanity? Who was the one behind all her misfortunes? And who could have been the chosen owner of Soles - Sword of Sunshine, the third one in three ancient magic swords? This fantastic tale will make you want to believe in fairies again!
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chapter 27 168 Apr-11-17
chapter 26 215 Feb-16-17
chapter 25 180 Feb-07-17
vol.2 chapter 24 215 Dec-27-16
vol.2 chapter 23 214 Dec-27-16
chapter 22 198 Nov-25-16
chapter 21 224 Feb-15-16
vol.2 chapter 20 211 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 19 204 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 18 187 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 17 181 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 16 190 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 15 174 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 14 170 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 13 157 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 12 183 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 11 204 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 10 229 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 9.5 208 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 9 217 Jan-20-16
vol.2 chapter 8 212 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 7 203 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 6 194 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 5 248 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 4 237 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 3 261 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 2 289 Jan-20-16
vol.1 chapter 1 381 Jan-20-16