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From Easy Going Scans In a world where only females are born with the ability to practice magic, Amel, a boy is born with the ability. In this world, he must conceal he is a male or he will be considered illegal. From the prestigious Espresso family, he/she must prove that only he/she is needed to capture the illicit escapees. Original Webtoon
Maybe coming in the next issue
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Chapter name Views Uploaded Time
ch.33 125 Dec-27-16
ch.32 131 Jul-22-16
ch.31 136 Jul-22-16
ch.30 124 Jun-05-16
ch.29 132 Apr-03-16
ch.28 111 Jan-20-16
ch.27 v2 114 Jan-20-16
ch.27 127 Jan-20-16
ch.26 109 Jan-20-16
ch.25 103 Jan-20-16
ch.24 98 Jan-20-16
ch.23 155 Jan-20-16
ch.22 109 Jan-20-16
ch.21 106 Jan-20-16
ch.20 107 Jan-20-16
ch.19 106 Jan-20-16
ch.18 92 Jan-20-16
ch.17 102 Jan-20-16
ch.16 101 Jan-20-16
ch.15 131 Jan-20-16
ch.14 110 Jan-20-16
ch.13 119 Jan-20-16
ch.12 116 Jan-20-16
ch.11 147 Jan-20-16
ch.10 125 Jan-20-16
ch.9 124 Jan-20-16
ch.8 126 Jan-20-16
ch.7 137 Jan-20-16
ch.6 146 Jan-20-16
ch.5 146 Jan-20-16
ch.4 161 Jan-20-16
ch.3 172 Jan-20-16
ch.2 270 Jan-20-16
ch.1 312 Jan-20-16