God Mazinger summary:

The plot is about Japanese teen Yamato Hibino, who is sucked through a time warp into the past, where the dinosaur army of the Dragonia Empire threatens the world, and Queen Aira of Mu needs Yamato to help her fight back with the aid of the stone-made guardian God Mazinger, which looks suspiciously like a giant robot.
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Chapter name Views Uploaded Time
vol.1 chapter 10 232 Feb-15-17
chapter 9 221 Jan-23-17
vol.1 chapter 8 231 Dec-20-16
vol.1 chapter 7 261 Dec-03-16
vol.1 chapter 6 242 Nov-08-16
vol.1 chapter 5 253 Oct-19-16
vol.1 chapter 4 257 Oct-01-16
vol.1 chapter 3 v2 227 Oct-01-16
chapter 3 292 Sep-14-16
vol.1 chapter 2 363 Sep-03-16
chapter 1 437 Aug-29-16