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Hatsukoi Zombie summary:

According to his childhood friend, Tarou Kurume is not interested in love. One day Tarou is struck on his head by a ball rendering him unconscious. When he wakes up, there's a girl floating above him. What has happened to Tarou? Who is this mysterious girl? Find out in this one of a kind romantic comedy series!
Maybe coming in the next issue
Hatsukoi Zombie chapter 75
Hatsukoi Zombie chapter 76
Hatsukoi Zombie chapter 77
Hatsukoi Zombie chapter 78
Hatsukoi Zombie chapter 79
Chapter name Views Uploaded Time
chapter 60 : Flying Get?! 1,078 Jan-17-17
chapter 51 803 Nov-10-16
chapter 42 825 Aug-28-16
chapter 37 797 Jul-23-16
chapter 23 875 May-12-16
chapter 17 938 Apr-09-16
chapter 12 967 Mar-07-16
chapter 3 1,623 Jan-20-16
chapter 1 2,446 Jan-20-16