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Sakura Kousuke is a boy who strives to throw away a past mired in regret. He transfers to a new school for his second year of high school, believing it will give him a chance to come clean. Unbeknownst to him, however, the appearance of five other "Sakura"s in his class will bring the past to his present, forcing him to come to terms with himself, his old friends, and a girl who, though being Kousuke's complete opposite in terms of personality, also knows him better than anyone else.
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Chapter name Views Uploaded Time
chapter 39 : Gratitude 188 Aug-12-16
chapter 37 : Reunion 183 Aug-11-16
chapter 34 179 Aug-06-16
chapter 33 174 Aug-06-16
vol.3 chapter 26 224 Mar-15-16
vol.3 chapter 20 310 Mar-01-16
vol.2 chapter 10 : Lie 290 Jan-20-16