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  • Scarlet Palace

    Alternative : 緋色王城
  • Author(s) : Yi Huan,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : 12-25-2016 23:31:25 PM
  • TransGroup : Updating
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  • Genres : Drama, Gender bender, Historical, Romance, Shoujo,
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  • rate : 4.5/ 5 - 2 votes

Scarlet Palace summary:

From Transcendence As the war-torn kingdoms vie for power in Ancient China, a deadly yet beautiful struggle also emerges in the seraglio of the King of Ding (King Xun)! In order to gain the terrifying King Xun's favor, Ninghu's family is determined to make her the future Queen, but King Xun is not interested in his other concubines at all. Not willing to become just another neglected concubine, Ninghu disguises herself as an eunuch servant to her brother Yuanren, the second most powerful eunuch and adviser in the kingdom. However, the moment that she enters the Scarlet Palace, Lingyu, the most influential and favored eunuch, suspects that she is a girl and begins to investigate her! With the mysterious death of Lingyu's original servant, Ninghu decides to become Lingyu's personal servant in hope to approach King Xun. However, King Xun is absent from the palace, and as time goes on, Lingyu and Ninghu becomes more and more attracted to each other! Could they have fallen in love with each other?!
Maybe coming in the next issue
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ch.27 238 Sep-28-16
ch.26 v2 178 Sep-28-16
ch.26 204 Jan-20-16
ch.25 203 Jan-20-16
ch.24 176 Jan-20-16
ch.23 180 Jan-20-16
ch.22 179 Jan-20-16
ch.21 173 Jan-20-16
ch.20 167 Jan-20-16
ch.19 169 Jan-20-16
ch.18 162 Jan-20-16
ch.17 173 Jan-20-16
ch.16 168 Jan-20-16
ch.15 166 Jan-20-16
ch.14 159 Jan-20-16
ch.13 166 Jan-20-16
ch.12 153 Jan-20-16
ch.11 168 Jan-20-16
ch.10 168 Jan-20-16
ch.9 156 Jan-20-16
ch.8 163 Jan-20-16
ch.7 162 Jan-20-16
ch.6 182 Jan-20-16
ch.5 174 Jan-20-16
ch.4 226 Jan-20-16
ch.3 177 Jan-20-16
ch.2 233 Jan-20-16
ch.1 289 Jan-20-16