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  • Seishun Hanashinjuu

    Alternative : 青春花心中 (Chinese); Mein Weg in dein Herz (German); Seishun Hanashinjuu
  • Author(s) : Kawai Hideki,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-26-2017 06:06:01 AM
  • TransGroup : Updating
  • View : 7,302
  • Genres : Drama, Slice of life, Sports, Yaoi,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4/ 5 - 4 votes

Seishun Hanashinjuu summary:

Takenaka's contract with his soccer team was suddenly cancelled, and he had broken up with his lover a while ago. The desperate Takenaka throws himself into Yamazaki's arms- a senpai that betrayed him when they were in school. When he sees no end to this lifestyle, memories of his inconsolable, bitter, frustrating days come flooding back... The long version of the oneshot "The abandoned town and you and I" is also included.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Seishun Hanashinjuu chapter 6
Seishun Hanashinjuu chapter 7
Seishun Hanashinjuu chapter 8
Seishun Hanashinjuu chapter 9
Seishun Hanashinjuu chapter 10
Chapter name Views Uploaded Time
vol.1 chapter 5 350 Jun-26-17
vol.1 chapter 4 614 Jun-19-17
vol.1 chapter 3 522 Jun-19-17
chapter 2 1,100 May-24-17
vol.1 chapter 1 1,710 May-11-17