Sky Blue summary:

Kazama’s family died in a mysterious explosion when he was still young and since then, he has not been able to come to terms with their deaths or even with himself. He emotionally distances himself from everyone and his aggressive nature gets him the nick name “Real Life Combat Game Character.” Years later, Kazama, now in high school, gets close to death after a car accident. As he accepts his fate, Sky Blue enters his consciousness. Somehow related to the multicolored meteors that were seen all around the world on the same day of Kazama’s near fatal accident, Sky Blue is able to control his body. The teenage-looking Sky Blue is able to control Kazama’s body movements and even his speech. He falls for the beautiful but cold Haioka Anna and when she gets kidnapped, Sky Blue takes over Kazama’s body, unleashing enormous amounts of power and strength.
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Sky Blue chapter 17
Sky Blue chapter 18
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Chapter 16 3,613 1 day ago
Chapter 15: Kazami Amaharu 9,731 06-18 22:09
Chapter 14: Skyblue Crack 10,550 05-26 00:48
Chapter 13 6,346 04-27 23:45
Chapter 12 : Oukyougyoku (002) 5,248 05-04 09:32
Vol.2 chapter 9 4,735 01-20 13:00
Vol.2 chapter 7 : Balmy Sky 5,303 01-20 13:00
Vol.2 chapter 6 : VS Ash Gray 5,197 01-20 13:00
Vol.2 chapter 5 : Haioka Anne 5,165 01-20 13:00
Vol.1 chapter 4 : Haioka Haiji 5,245 01-20 13:00