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  • Akb0048 - Episode 0

    Alternative : Akb0048 Episode 0 ; Akb0048: Episode 0
  • Author(s) : Miasa Rin,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-11-2018 07:21:25 AM
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  • Genres : School life, Shoujo,
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Akb0048 - Episode 0 summary:

AKB48 is a Japanese idolgroup that has sold millions of albums. Its world famous and every girl dreams of being a member. Hoshina Furea is a shy girl. She has a childhood friend who has a good chance too be an AKB48 member. Her name is Noa. In the school there is an idolgroup named AKB0048. Its a very popular idol group. Only the pretty and talented come to the group. The problem for Hoshina Furea is that she and Noa have the same dream. They want to be in the AKB0048 and get even higher....... What will happen to their friendship? From Phoenix Serenade Scans and Bikkys: In the year 0041, AKB48 had changed their name to 'AKB0048' To protect the affinity of the first generation, they decided to chose a successor. A total screw up research student of AKB Academy, Hoshino Furea, had auditioned but completely failed. And yet why does Hoshino Furea become the successor of the legendary center of 'Maeda Atsuko'?
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Chapter 048 2,194 01-11 07:21
Vol.1 chapter 2 : Beginner 2,191 01-20 15:16
Vol.1 chapter 1 : Young Ladies 2,475 01-20 15:16