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  • Tonari no Class no Katou-kun

    Alternative : Katou-kun From The Class Next Door, 隣のクラスの加藤くん; (ディアプラス・コミックス) コミック –;

  • Author(s) : Umeda miso,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-06-2023 18:06:28 PM
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  • Genres : Romance, School life, Yaoi,
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  • rate : 2.56 / 5 - 90 votes

Tonari no Class no Katou-kun summary:

Owada grew an interest in Katou, a fellow classmate who sits behindhim. But Owada played it cool on their first meeting. Their differentsocial class meant that Katou had no chance with him, yet, on the dayhe decided to give up, he ran into Katou who got entangled with adrunk and saved him. They became close and got along well. Katou can't handle being suddenly touched by people due to an incidentwith a molester. The startling fact is that the molester was his ownbirth dad. His mother found out about it and split up with him andhe's since then lived with his mom. Owada learned all this from Mimasaka and vowed to become a man whowill never hurt Katou. He accepted Owada who charged forth with hisclumsy love and the two got together. However...?+
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Chapter 2 1,783 Jun-06-23
Chapter 1 7,452 Dec-28-22

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