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    Alternative : Mizu no Kioku,The Memory of Water,Forecast of Life's Springtime,A Child's Belongings,Sweet Home, Bitter Brother,Paradise Game

  • Author(s) : Yaya Sakuragi,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Oct-18-2019 00:19:39 AM
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  • Genres : Adult, Comedy, School life, Shounen ai, Smut, Supernatural,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.58 / 5 - 31 votes

Water Memories summary:

1) The Memory of Water<br>Shiina is an ex-swimmer who is now a chain-smoking high school teacher. He's tried to leave his swimming past behind him, but upright student Kadokura won't let that happen.<br><br>2) Forecast of Life's Springtime<br>Minori is the son of professional gardeners and he's sick to death of flowers! Gardening club student Shoutarou kills everything he touches, and Minori feels sorry for him.<br><br>3) A Child's Belongings<br>Hiroto's parents died in an accident and then he is approached by a businessman who wants to buy him. But he's not interested in sex, he just likes to look at Hiroto in his school uniform.<br><br>4) Sweet Home, Bitter Brother<br>Atsuhiro and Yousuke were childhood friends who became brothers at a young age. They've always been together with the slightly older Atsuhiro leading Yousuke. But Yousuke has feeling's he can't tell his "brother" and resolves to go away to college.<br><br>5) Paradise Game<br>Hazuki Junya is a professional gamer who works for a video game company, but when he gets beaten by his new coworker and amatuer Hatanaki Ryouji he can't believe it. A friendly rivalry and friendship starts between the two.
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