• Crown

    Alternative : クラオン

  • Author(s) : Wada Shinji,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-31-2018 17:10:43 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo,
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Crown summary:

Two siblings, brother and sister, have been separated for a long time when meet up again. They soon learn that they were separated due to the fact that they were children of an ex-ruler from a small country. High-school girl and orphan Mahiro has had a hard life after her parents' death. Now, suddenly, while she is at work, two young men push her into a car and- OMG- kidnap her! With family united again and some nasty assassination attempts, Mahiro's life changes drastically. From Baka-Updates: Mahiro thought she was all alone in the world until her long-lost brother, Ren, and his handsome, mysterious friend showed up and turned everything upside down! Competent, determined and dangerous, the two men have vowed to protect the innocent girl from the ruthless Queen Phibula, who is hell-bent on seeing her dead. As Mahiro learns more about her forgotten past, she and her handsome bodyguards must face explosions, assassins, betrayal... and the promise of blossoming romance.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Crown chapter 4
Crown chapter 5
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.3 Chapter 5 8,575 Mar-31-18
Vol.2 Chapter 5.1 6,126 Mar-31-18
Vol.2 Chapter 4.2 5,756 Mar-31-18
Vol.2 Chapter 4.1 5,615 Mar-31-18
Vol.2 Chapter 4 5,591 Mar-31-18
Vol.2 Chapter 3 5,930 Mar-31-18
Vol.01 Chapter 4.2 5,785 Mar-31-18
Vol.01 Chapter 4.1 5,921 Mar-31-18
Vol.01 Chapter 3 6,185 Mar-31-18

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