My Wife is Cold-Hearted CHAPTER LIST

My Wife is Cold-Hearted summary:

Rui Xi has a bad family circumstances so Ji Yun married her. On the first day of their marriage life, Ji Yun said to Rui Xi: “I gave you the position of becoming my wife but I will never be yours”. After years, she became a cold-hearted person. She brought a young child with her and appeared in front of Ji Yun. His mind is now messed up but is Rui Xi's?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 32: Stop Drinking 27,432 Sep-07-19
Chapter 31: Sister-in-law 37,993 Sep-06-19
Chapter 28: Break Up Yet? 30,107 Sep-05-19
Chapter 25: A Child's Secret 39,422 Sep-04-19
Chapter 24: Who Called You? 31,919 Sep-04-19
Chapter 20: We Meet Again 36,056 Sep-02-19
Chapter 18: Arguing In Pulic 44,943 Sep-01-19
Chapter 17: You Belong To Me 41,023 Sep-01-19
Chapter 16: Leaving So Soon? 40,472 Sep-01-19
Chapter 15: He Kissed Me 40,293 Sep-01-19
Chapter 14: A Guy's Voice? 38,193 Sep-01-19
Chapter 13: Rui Xi is Drunk 44,870 Aug-31-19
Chapter 12: Are You Poor? 45,329 Aug-30-19
Chapter 10: You're An Idiot 49,014 Aug-28-19
Chapter 8: Who Is This Guy? 49,358 Aug-27-19
Chapter 3: Men are All Jerks 58,781 Aug-23-19
Chapter 2: Who's your Son 61,173 Aug-23-19
Chapter 0: Prologue 48,037 Aug-23-19