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  • Watashi wo Hitorijime ni Shite

    Alternative : Change,Himitsu to Mitsumete,Kawarukoto,かわること,ひみつとみつめて,私をひとりじめにして

  • Author(s) : Kaneko Aru,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jul-23-2019 05:47:01 AM
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  • Genres : Psychological, School life, Shoujo ai, Yuri,
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Watashi wo Hitorijime ni Shite summary:

Two short stories by Kaneko Aru<br><br>1. Himitsu to Mitsumete:<br>“I will treasure this forever” — classmates Hina and Mitsuki are secretly dating. Hina wants to have the popular Mitsuki all to herself, as a present, she gave Mitsuki and herself matching key straps. When Mitsuki touched the key strap, she felt something hard within it. This is... a wiretap!?<br><br>2. Kawarukoto:<br>Months and years pass by and various things change between them. But, some things didn't change. A story of two students who are childhood friends.
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Chapter 2: Kawarukoto 5,096 Jul-23-19