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  • Hiyori-chan no Onegai wa Zettai

    Alternative : When She Wish Upon a Planet ; 日和ちゃんのお願いは絶対

  • Author(s) : Misaki Saginomiya, Arima Tsukasa,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-31-2021 01:29:14 AM
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  • Genres : Mystery, Romance, School life, Seinen,
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  • rate : 4.71 / 5 - 114 votes

Hiyori-chan no Onegai wa Zettai summary:

Kadokawa synopsis:

"My requests are absolute."

Hamure Hiyori can make any of her "requests" come true. Our love, which was never meant to begin, will turn my life and the entire world on its head.

She's warm, cute, and somewhat air-headed.

Even so, she has the power of her "requests" that no one can resist once they hear it, and yet, I, who's just an ordinary person, will accompany her on her fate.

"But, please forget about it."

The world can easily come apart, but our love is the only thing that will never end.

This may be the last love story in a world that could never end.


Hamure Hiyori. From the moment she confessed her love to me, I thought we were going to spend our days as a normal couple. Until I learned of her special ability...

This is a sweet and sad love story between a boy and a girl who has the power that will drag the whole world with it.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 3: Truth 5,206 Jan-11-21
Chapter 2: Girlfriend 6,038 Jan-04-21
Chapter 1: Confession 7,364 Jan-04-21

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