Flying Over a Thousand Mountains to Love You CHAPTER LIST

Flying Over a Thousand Mountains to Love You summary:

Amongst the swans of England's Swan Lake, I am different. I am a black swan, and the last one able to transform into human form. One time as I peeked my head out from the lake, a ring was thrown in front of me. Because of this ring, I met she-male! Once I found out his true identity, I became his disciple, and somehow also his 100th girlfriend!
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Chapter 67: Nightmare 5,766 Nov-02-19
Chapter 50: Who is the swan? 10,942 Aug-10-19
Chapter 40: Bai...Baitian! 17,521 Jun-29-19
Chapter 35: She is... 16,418 Jun-15-19
Chapter 18: Wings Are Gone 32,036 Feb-09-19
Chapter 8 46,882 Dec-09-18
Chapter 7 43,378 Dec-09-18
Chapter 6 47,307 Dec-09-18