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  • Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata

    Alternative : フラチな彼のしつけ方 ; Furachi na Kare no Shitsukakata ; Milk Taste Honey ; The Way to Discipline the Insolent Him ; The Way to Train the Insolent Him ; Welcome to the University of Love

  • Author(s) : Minami Haruka,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 07:33:09 AM
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  • Genres : Romance, Smut, Yaoi,
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Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata summary:

1-3) Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata Sayuki Isumi, salaryman, got drunk one night because of some trouble at work and bumped into Aya Okimiya, who is one year his junior from university. Okimiya who admired his sempai for quite some time from afar could not help himself anymore and ended up embracing him but can he keep Isumi by his side? 4) Milk Taste Honey Kaidou-san is a salary man who comes every day to the cafe where Hanabashi Ritsu works. He admires the part-timer from across the room, whose cool exterior entices Kaidou-san. But truly, there is a cute, blushing Ritsu behind the cool beauty on the outside... 5) Welcome to the University of Love Aizome Riku enjoys napping on the school's roof, but when he falls from a tree tryng to climb down Kairi is there to catch him. The two become fast friends, but Kairi's three bodyguards who follow him everywhere soon grate on Riku's nerves. Can Kairi convince Riku that his 'like' is more than friends and capture his would-be uke's heart? 6) Furachi na Kare no Shitsukekata Extra
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