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  • Kuro Bengoshi no Chijou: Sekai de Ichiban Omoi Junai

    Alternative : Blind Passion Of The Attorney In Black ; Kuro Bengoshi no Chijou ; 黒弁護士の痴情 世界でいちばん重い純愛

  • Author(s) : Sumi,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-01-2021 18:18:53 PM
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  • Genres : Josei, Romance, Slice of life, Smut,
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Kuro Bengoshi no Chijou: Sekai de Ichiban Omoi Junai summary:

Batoto Scans :

“…Just now, he was feeling you up all over, right? Unforgivable!”

My first love whom I met again after a long time… is a dangerous lawyer!

When they were young, Yui had a good relationship with the Jin brothers who lived next door. She developed a small crush particularly towards the older brother, Soichi. However, after he entered middle school, they were not able to see each other anymore.

18 years after, Yui now works at the Law Firm managed by the Jin Family. During her welcome party, she had an exhilarating feeling in her heart. That is because… she can see finally see Soichi who returned to the country after studying abroad. A reunion after 18 years with the man whom she continuously kept in touch with through email. Yui was looking forward to it, however, did Soichi’s temperament considerably change compared to how he was back then — …?

A sweet and heart fluttering romance — or so you thought, but it will completely make you heart throb until the end…!?

A serious but precious and pure love story.
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Chapter 4 24,960 Mar-01-21
Chapter 3 31,763 Feb-15-21
Chapter 2 26,992 Feb-15-21
Chapter 1 35,582 Feb-14-21

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