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  • The brightest giant star in the world

    Alternative : 世界第一巨星

  • Author(s) : Lu Fei,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb-26-2021 12:02:11 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Romance,
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The brightest giant star in the world summary:

She, the prodigious girl that stood at the pinnacle of the Global Martial Arts Competition, won the championship for five consecutive years, dominated the arena, and was dubbed the undefeatable king! He, a top tier superstar born into a wealthy family, possessed transcending beauty, was cold and black bellied, and had countless fans. When she accidentally reincarnated, as his fiancée, a sky full of blackmail material from trivial white formicas flying around, facing a world full of black fans, Lin Fan laughed coldly: If the whole world dissed her, then she’ll make the whole world tremble! Even if the wind blows against her, she would never back down!
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Chapter 6 1,286 Feb-26-21
Chapter 5 1,903 Feb-02-21
Chapter 4 2,506 Jan-16-21
Chapter 3 2,085 Jan-16-21
Chapter 2 2,204 Jan-16-21
Chapter 1 3,162 Jan-16-21
Chapter 0 2,990 Jan-15-21

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