Heyday Darling: Young Master Yi’s Cute Little Wife CHAPTER LIST
  • Heyday Darling: Young Master Yi’s Cute Little Wife

    Alternative : 盛世甜宠:易少的小萌妻

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-24-2022 07:43:08 AM
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Heyday Darling: Young Master Yi’s Cute Little Wife summary:

Her boyfriend is about to get married, but she isn't the bride. And seemingly overnight, she gets labelled as the homewrecker and is subjected to malicious slander and gossip. She then agrees to the ridiculous marriage proposal from Third Young Master Yi and marries into a wealthy and reputable family. Somehow, this marriage turns her into a target as her mere existence offends many powerful women from all over. They frame her, fabricate lies about her, and even tries to have her murdered. Luckily she has a husband who keeps her safe and helps her counter every ploy that is thrown at her.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 30: Caused Trouble? 1,404 May-28-22
Chapter 29: Mei Ruo Returns 1,506 May-28-22
Chapter 25: Two Conditions 2,085 May-14-22
Chapter 22: Transfer 2,045 May-14-22
Chapter 20: I'm All Ears 2,025 May-14-22
Chapter 15: My Plan Failed? 2,302 May-10-22
Chapter 10: Late at Night 2,799 May-10-22
Chapter 5: Marriage! 2,851 May-10-22
Chapter 4: The Third Party 2,846 May-10-22
Chapter 1: Preview 4,067 May-07-22

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