Yukemuri Journey CHAPTER LIST
  • Yukemuri Journey

    Alternative : 湯けむりジャーニー

  • Author(s) : Mio Junta,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : May-15-2019 11:35:36 AM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Drama, Yaoi,
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  • rate : 4.32 / 5 - 37 votes

Yukemuri Journey summary:

Naoto is a college student. Kou is a young attendant at a bathhouse. Naoto meets Kou after a crappy day in which he misses his school entrance ceremony, loses his job, and then it turns out his hot water at home is shut off for a while. So he has to go to the bathhouse Kou works at. Initially Kou looks young, gentle and beautiful, but soon enough Naoto learns Kou's true nature – he's brash and quick to anger, much older than his appearance hints at and not nearly so naive (at least, not in the way he appears). But his body is nonetheless small and so Naoto doesn't want Kou to take up all the bathhouse jobs on his own. Thus, Naoto starts working for the bathhouse when he can. Besides, even though Kou isn't who Naoto initially expected him to be, Naoto can't help but still be intrigued by the small man.
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Vol.2 Chapter 6 18,030 May-15-19
Vol.2 Chapter 5 13,223 May-15-19
Vol.2 Chapter 4 14,077 May-15-19
Vol.2 Chapter 3 15,819 May-15-19
Vol.2 Chapter 2 17,528 May-15-19
Vol.2 Chapter 1 28,072 May-15-19