Twin flowers of the cold distant sea CHAPTER LIST
  • Twin flowers of the cold distant sea

    Alternative : 泠海之遥双生花

  • Author(s) : 星曜工作室,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-10-2021 06:09:21 AM
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  • Genres : Fantasy, Historical, Romance,
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Twin flowers of the cold distant sea summary:

The little princess Lian Tan, who was regarded as the “star of destruction” by the beast tribe was unhappy with her elder twin sister, holy maiden, Yao Fang's marriage. Hence, she designed a plan to make the crown prince Shao Yu call off the marriage through her talent of causing trouble. However, while doing so, she landed herself in grave danger. Meanwhile, the holy maiden, Yao Fang, accidentally ended up in the demon tribe and became the concubine of the demon tribe’s second prince. The twin flowers’ misplaced marriage led to the uncovering of an astounding secret that had been covered up for a thousand of years in the three realms and eight lands.
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