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  • Don’t Call Me Sister

  • Author(s) : Andersen,
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  • Last updated : Apr-24-2021 23:08:07 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Shoujo,
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Don’t Call Me Sister summary:

At the age of 19, I, Zabotte Winchester, inherited the legacy of my stepfather and became the owner of the Winchester family.
I thought my mother would run the family, so I could live a comfortable life. When I found out I might die from a car accident, I rewrote my life plan.
“From now on, I will be the real owner of Winchester.”
I will protect Winchester's wealth and honor, the future of my old and new sisters, and win the loyalty of a man who was the start the night at a ball, all by himself.
“Miss Winchester, I will only tell you. Actually, my real identity…”
“Shh. Keep your secret, Merrick. The only thing I care about is a man's kind heart.”
“…But why have you been touching my thigh since a while ago?”
“Don't get me wrong. I was exploring where the man's heart comes from.”
She has a little temper, but it turns out she's a caring older sister.

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