Land Lock summary:

Ryo was an average high school student until a plane he was on crashed in a frozen wasteland. Now, there’s no telling if help will come, and the surviving passengers are already fighting among themselves. Nonetheless, Ryo struggles to find a way to work together and save everyone, but could there be a secret reason for these circumstances that he’s unaware of?
Maybe coming in the next issue
Land Lock chapter 35
Land Lock chapter 36
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 34: Prayer 14,434 Jun-28-19
Chapter 26: Elimination 30,138 Apr-12-19
Chapter 23: For Whose Sake 30,446 Apr-12-19
Chapter 22: Pestilence 31,331 Apr-12-19
Chapter 21: The Map 34,577 Apr-12-19
Chapter 19: An Unseen Threat 35,323 Apr-12-19
Chapter 17: Those Who Know 35,675 Apr-12-19
Chapter 15: Breakdown 39,423 Apr-12-19
Chapter 14: Land of Hope 38,657 Apr-12-19
Chapter 13: Follow the Trail 39,123 Apr-12-19
Chapter 11: Betrayal 39,873 Apr-12-19
Chapter 10: Jin Ito 43,006 Apr-12-19
Chapter 8: Fire and Water 46,428 Apr-11-19
Chapter 7: Beast 47,017 Apr-11-19
Chapter 6: Brothers 49,727 Apr-11-19
Chapter 5: The Will to Live 57,346 Apr-10-19
Chapter 4: I Want to Help 58,175 Apr-09-19
Chapter 2: The Crash Victims 66,683 Apr-09-19