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    Alternative : 純愛ジャンキー ; 纯爱中毒 ; Di Gelanggang Impi ; Hero ; Fool For You (SHIUMI Saki) ; Jun'ai Junkie ; Jun'ai Junkies ; Pure Love Junkie ; The Hallway Rumors ; We're Not Involved

  • Author(s) : Shiumi Saki,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Dec-28-2017 13:23:05 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, One shot, Romance, Shoujo, Sports,
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  • rate : 5 / 5 - 10 votes

Jun'ai Junkie summary:

A series of short stories. -Dojiko & Hero: Mana is a manager of the boys' basketball club of Saijo High School. She repeats blunders, but always tries as hard as she can! She is a first-year student, and in one-sided love with Haruka, an ace player. Haruka is so cool that he is likely to be isolated in the club. Mana wants to help him, but...!? -Fool For You Nanase's childhood friend, Youta, is four years older. He left 3 years ago for university and has recently returned for only a week. Although he is a fool, Nanase loves him. -We're Not Involved Chika, an upcoming model, saves Sagiri while she's being harassed by a guy in the street, and Sagiri is so mad that he bribed the guy to leave that she insists on paying her schoolmate back... -The Hallway Rumors "Wherever you are.. I will always find you," thinks Kooko about Akihiro, one of her guy friends, whom she likes. Akihiro already has a girlfriend though, and this girlfriend also happens to ask Kooko to help her make a cake for Valentine's Day...
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