Kagetoki-sama no Kurenai Koukyuu CHAPTER LIST
  • Kagetoki-sama no Kurenai Koukyuu

    Alternative : 影時さまのくれなゐ後宮 ; Kagetoki-sama no Kurenawi Koukyuu ; Lord Kagetoki's Crimson Consort ; Lord Kagetoki's Crimson Harem ; 影时殿下的赤色后宫

  • Author(s) : Shouoto Aya,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-10-2022 14:11:21 PM
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  • View : 133,253
  • Genres : Fantasy, Isekai, Mystery, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.19 / 5 - 53 votes

Kagetoki-sama no Kurenai Koukyuu summary:

Haunted by death and rumored to be a "Death Goddess," Kito Tsutsuji falls off a building because of a man who believed those same rumors and resented her for them. At the point of dying, Tsutsuji is summoned to another world. The one who called her is the abhorred first prince of the Shinju Empire. Due to a commotion at the time of her summoning, she becomes known as the Holy Maiden. However, the outrageous man who summoned the her took her to his palace, saying, "This is my servant (thing)" and "I will determine whether it is a saint or not." What is in store for Tsutuji?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 5 2,615 Nov-10-22
Chapter 4 4,838 Sep-28-22
Chapter 3 3,939 Sep-28-22
Chapter 2 4,765 Sep-28-22
Chapter 1.4 4,453 Sep-28-22
Chapter 1.3 5,033 Sep-28-22
Chapter 1.2 5,755 Sep-28-22
Chapter 1.1 8,903 Sep-28-22

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