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  • Heart's Desire

    Alternative : 意中人

  • Author(s) : 奇了漫画,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar-01-2024 00:23:38 AM
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  • Genres : Drama, Historical, Romance,
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Heart's Desire summary:

Ten years ago, Lin Su craftily orchestrated a scheme against the Huai Prince’s Palace and then escaped to foreign lands to avoid the consequences. By a twist of fate, the young man with whom he had begun to form a bond was inadvertently caught in the crossfire of his elaborate revenge. Mu Yingfeng concealed his identity to uncover the truth behind the treasonous plot from a decade prior—but never expected that the distinguished and elegant scholar he had been attracted to would turn out to be the architect behind his family’s death. Caught in a dance of testing each other’s limits and manipulation, their destinies become hopelessly intertwined for the rest of their lives.
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Chapter 0: Prologue 746 Mar-01-24

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