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  • History's Strongest Martial Brother

    Alternative : Big Brother Top Villain ; History&Rsquo;S Strongest Senpai ; Top Villain ; 顶级反派大师兄

  • Author(s) : 云栖动漫,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-22-2021 00:19:21 AM
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  • Genres : Fantasy,
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History's Strongest Martial Brother summary:

For the first time, Yan Zhaoge has the equipment of a full-level boss. The second crossing, before the development of the martial arts civilization, was like a person who was used to playing the hell mode and was suddenly thrown into the simple mode. Don't be too cool! But is this plot wrong? I am not the protagonist? But the villain Gao Fushuai who is competing with the protagonist?
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Chapter 0: Prologue 1,272 Jan-22-21

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