Lost Dragon summary:

The second generation of gangland time-travelled as the pirate king's son in Galaxy. And the pirate king was just killed. Well I thought that in the world I should have some special ability or power, make money and live a rich life again. But since the eggs I saved accidentally hatched, it seemed that I not only have a dragon but also a husband? No no no, I like girls obviously.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Lost Dragon chapter 21
Lost Dragon chapter 22
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 20 3,666 Sep-19-19
Chapter 19: Where to Sleep? 2,530 Sep-19-19
Chapter 18: My Son 2,455 Sep-19-19
Chapter 17: Who?! 2,341 Sep-19-19
Chapter 16 2,330 Sep-19-19
Chapter 14: Money 3,351 Sep-18-19
Chapter 12: It's Dragon 3,118 Sep-18-19
Chapter 10: Experiment 5,713 Sep-11-19
Chapter 9: Signal 4,424 Sep-11-19
Chapter 8: Found A Buyer 4,473 Sep-11-19
Chapter 7: Cherish 4,372 Sep-11-19
Chapter 6: Mysterious Egg 4,559 Sep-11-19
Chapter 5: Unstable Power 16,594 Nov-22-18
Chapter 4: Escaping 12,542 Nov-22-18
Chapter 3: Auction 12,628 Nov-22-18
Chapter 2: Universe? 13,131 Nov-22-18
Chapter 1: Suicide 14,677 Nov-22-18