A Pervert in Love is a Demon. CHAPTER LIST
  • A Pervert in Love is a Demon.

    Alternative : Koi ni Hentai wa Tsukimono desu.,恋にヘンタイは憑きものです。,对于恋爱来说变态是附身邪物。

  • Author(s) : Sora Sakimoto,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-18-2020 18:59:41 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Josei, Romance, School life, Slice of life, Supernatural,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.12 / 5 - 274 votes

A Pervert in Love is a Demon. summary:

Chizuru is your typical shrine maiden high schooler living in a shinto shrine. One day, her friend, Aki asked her to do an exorcism for her but since Chizuru couldn't do it, they decided to ask the help of their attractive senior, Asakura, who's said to be able to do exorcisms. However, Asakura has an unbelievable fetish! In addition, Asakura's classmate, Suyazaki, is just as much of a weirdo as he is! What shall Chizuru do as her fate gets entangled with such a ridiculous group of people?!

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