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  • Life and Death: The Awakening

    Alternative : 생사결: 깨어나는 진인

  • Author(s) : 윤선영,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-04-2020 08:53:44 AM
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  • Genres : Action, Martial arts,
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Life and Death: The Awakening summary:

Weak-looking Hwasan doesn’t seem to be a man that fights on the front lines. Instead, he is a brilliant man who passed the civil service examination twice due to his outstanding character. Furthermore, he is also respected for his close connections with various kings and officials. But his identity is none other than the only successor to the HwaSan sect. He usually stays in his room and reads. However, in the rare instances that he does use his body, it is only to clean the yard or do light exercises. One night, he shocked everyone by entering a conflict to save disciplines of the HwaSan sect and fought on the front lines. In that event, the ridge where the HwaSan sect was located burned to the ground, leaving their threshold destroyed. A bunch of fake masters appeared and massacred all of the disciples and even the young. In response, Hwasan displayed great combat skills to take them down and protect the disciples of the HwaSan sect. To find out the mastermind behind the attack and what their purpose was, Hwasan revealed his identity to the world. After hiding his identity for countless years, high-ranking officials and powerful forces began tearing each other apart, collapsed in front of him to make the Hwasan sect a powerful group.
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Chapter 22 1,413 Aug-04-20
Chapter 21 1,440 Jul-12-20
Chapter 20 1,051 Jul-12-20
Chapter 19 1,092 Jul-12-20
Chapter 18 2,239 Jun-20-20
Chapter 17 1,696 Jun-19-20
Chapter 16 1,513 Jun-19-20
Chapter 15 1,544 Jun-19-20
Chapter 14 2,256 Jun-19-20
Chapter 13 2,194 Jun-18-20
Chapter 12 2,109 Jun-18-20
Chapter 11 2,154 Jun-18-20
Chapter 10 2,658 Jun-18-20
Chapter 9 2,474 Jun-18-20
Chapter 8 2,990 Jun-17-20
Chapter 7 3,130 Jun-17-20
Chapter 6 3,478 Jun-17-20
Chapter 5 4,587 Jun-16-20
Chapter 4 5,370 Jun-15-20
Chapter 3 5,831 Jun-15-20
Chapter 2 6,240 Jun-15-20
Chapter 1 7,983 Jun-14-20

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