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  • Nemurihime Age

    Alternative : 梦醒女孩 ; 眠り姫Age ; Nemuri Hime Age ; Sleeping Beauty Age

  • Author(s) : Ooya Kazumi,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 12:25:20 PM
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  • Genres : Drama, Romance, Shoujo,
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Nemurihime Age summary:

From Shoujomagic: Ayane's seventeenth birthday may very well be the worst day of her life. From the moment she opens her eyes in the morning, it just goes from bad to worse. The crowning glory is when she throws a beer in the face of a man whom she only realizes later is her favorite musician, the wildly popular Shiina Etsurou. Ayane loves to sing, and she's really good at it, but fate seems determined to play these cruel jokes on her. The best joke of all is Ayane's abnormal height of 173cm (5'8"). She can't step on a stage without being laughed at...she can't meet her idol without throwing beer in his's enough to give a girl a complex. So when Shiina comes back and wants to make music with Ayane...she declines the offer!? V3: Story 2: Ring A Ding The story of how Shiina and Yuu met. V.6: Story 3: Friends One year later... A continuation of "Sleeping Beauty Age," focusing on the unresolved emotions between Ayane, Ryouta, and Nakako. V.6: Story 4: My Sweet Relationship with You Kousuke is in love with his next door neighbor and childhood friend, Ruriko. They always used to play together as kids, but now she won't even let him in her house. Hoping it will bring them closer together, Kousuke lies and says, "This guy Eiichi who I thought was my friend is trying to kick my ass," and tries to get Ruriko to shelter him... dropped by ShoujoMagic on 10-15-07
Maybe coming in the next issue
Nemurihime Age chapter 9
Nemurihime Age chapter 10
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.2 Chapter 8 5,433 Jan-20-16
Vol.2 Chapter 7 4,943 Jan-20-16
Vol.2 Chapter 6 4,918 Jan-20-16
Vol.2 Chapter 5 5,058 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 Chapter 4 5,003 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 Chapter 3 5,014 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 Chapter 2 5,011 Jan-20-16
Vol.1 Chapter 1 5,121 Jan-20-16

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