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  • Ningen Konchuuki

    Alternative : 人間昆虫記 ; Human Metamorphosis ; La Femme insecte (French) ; Ningen Konchūki ; The Book of Human Insects

  • Author(s) : Tezuka Osamu,
  • Status : Completed
  • Last updated : Jan-20-2016 10:22:46 AM
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  • View : 70,393
  • Genres : Mature, Psychological, Seinen, Tragedy,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 5 / 5 - 9 votes

Ningen Konchuuki summary:

Still in her early twenties, beautiful Toshiko Tomura has won the Akutagawa Prize for her story "The Book of Human Insects." The great honor is not her first: she has previously won the New York Design Academy Award, before which she was the lead actress of an established theatrical troupe. Yet, while the media go abuzz, the woman in the limelight slips away from the metropolis; what the sole paparazzo who manages to trail her to an abandoned country house witnesses is an immobile figure of an old woman and the star herself, naked, in a reverie as bizarre as it is erotic...
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 4 : Katydid 7,894 Jan-20-16
Chapter 2 : Leafhopper 6,836 Jan-20-16
Chapter 1 : Spring Cicada 10,837 Jan-20-16

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