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  • Ningen Kyouki Katsuo

    Alternative : 人間凶器カツオ! ; Human Weapon - Katsuo

  • Author(s) : Hamori Takashi,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Apr-18-2019 20:07:45 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Ecchi, Martial arts, Shounen,
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Ningen Kyouki Katsuo summary:

The protagonist Hamada Katsuo, is your everyday pervert/loser character. He's starting a new semester in school, so he wants to escape from his loser days, the only problem is the new change in look/lifestyle he got is that of a gang member. He beats a strong guy that was bullying a friend of his by mistake and now, because of it he's the target for all the gangs in the region, even though he's still only a weakling and a pervert. Will Katsuo escape alive...? Find out.
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Vol.4 Chapter 29 2,121 Mar-28-19