Kekkon Made Ecchi wa Kinshi?! CHAPTER LIST
  • Kekkon Made Ecchi wa Kinshi?!

    Alternative : Kekkon Made Ecchi wa Kinshi?! Nengan no Shoya wo Mukaeta Futari no Ohanashi ; 結婚までエッチは禁止!? 念願の初夜を迎えた二人のお話。

  • Author(s) : TOYAMA Monaka, KAZAMACHI Ito,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jan-13-2021 12:37:43 PM
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  • Genres : Josei, Romance, Smut,
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  • rate : 4.61 / 5 - 413 votes

Kekkon Made Ecchi wa Kinshi?! summary:

"Sex is prohibited until you get married!!" Shiho, who kept his father's strict order and married Sugi after many years of unrequited love and pure dating. Sugi is extremely cool and unfriendly. Shiho, who was worried about having sex on the first night, prepared aphrodisiacs and sexy lingerie and headed to the bedroom…?! "I think I've put up with it." Husband-sama suddenly turned into a wolf! Sucked, rubbed, pierced-If you are embraced like this every day, it will be strange! A sweet erotic newlywed life where love and desire explode!
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Chapter 4 28,101 Dec-12-20
Chapter 3 29,989 Dec-08-20
Chapter 2 34,800 Dec-06-20
Chapter 1 43,564 Dec-05-20

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