• Drive-A-Live

    Alternative : ドライブ・ア・ライブ ; Drive Alive

  • Author(s) : Nakai Kunihiko,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Sep-15-2023 22:49:25 PM
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  • View : 93,559
  • Genres : Action, Isekai, Seinen, Sports,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.56 / 5 - 32 votes

Drive-A-Live summary:

Is the world in front of you real, or is it only a game? Nobuteru, a senior high school student who wandered into the street racing game world of Drive-A-Live, begins a series of hard races that he must win to survive!
While everyone around him is talking about driver's licenses and cars, third-year high school student Nobuteru hates anything of the sort; when he was in elementary school, he and his younger brother Takahiro were involved in a car accident. While he came out with just a few scratches, his brother lost his leg. One day Takahiro suddenly disappears without a trace of leaving to be found in his room. When Nobuteru investigates the room, he sees Takahiro on the screen of a racing game he had left on, and once he grabs the controller...
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Drive-A-Live chapter 18
Drive-A-Live chapter 19

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