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  • Ravishing Physician: Yield To Me, Your Royal Highness

    Alternative : 绝色女医:太子你就从了我 ; Juese Nuyi: Taizi Ni Jiu Congle Wo ; Juésè Nǚyī: Tàizǐ Nǐ Jiù Cóngle Wǒ ; Ravishing Physician: Yield To Me, Your Royal ; Stunning Doctress: Just Obey Me, Royal Prince ; 싸가지도 치료가 되나요? ; 絕色女醫:太子你就從了我

  • Author(s) : Chen Guojian,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-22-2022 21:59:24 PM
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  • Genres : Historical, Isekai,
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Ravishing Physician: Yield To Me, Your Royal Highness summary:

Never mind if I became a peerless beauty, but I, a modern female doctor, actually traveled back in time and transmigrated into the body of a beggar that everyone scorns after getting into a car accident. Not long after, I’m brought to a brothel, where I accidentally found out that the brothel’s owner is actually the crown prince. The physician who saved me, on the other hand, is an ascetic person. A two-faced tsundere? A gentle and warm-hearted physician? Watch how I conquer them! Adapted from the original novel “The Medical Consort’s Realm."
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 69: I Like You 1,089 Aug-10-22
Chapter 66: Dancing Topless 1,411 Aug-05-22
Chapter 65: Bonfire Party 1,003 Aug-05-22
Chapter 48: Moved 1,833 Jul-20-22
Chapter 46: Me or Him? 2,547 Jul-17-22
Chapter 44: Slave Contract 2,554 Jul-14-22
Chapter 32: Plague Outbreak 3,508 Jun-20-22
Chapter 29: Do You Hate Me? 3,796 Jun-20-22
Chapter 18: Competition 4,816 Jun-20-22
Chapter 16: Her Innocence 5,086 Jun-20-22
Chapter 14: Intoxicated 5,186 Jun-20-22
Chapter 10: Gotcha, Master 5,846 Jun-20-22
Chapter 5: Drugged 7,177 Jun-20-22
Chapter 3: Arrogant Women 7,728 Jun-20-22

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