The Wild and Wonderful Consort CHAPTER LIST
  • The Wild and Wonderful Consort

    Alternative : 惊世狂妃

  • Author(s) : Big Bear Company,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-22-2022 21:27:49 PM
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  • Genres : Historical,
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The Wild and Wonderful Consort summary:

Cold-hearted and wild secret agent Zisu, a.k.a "the Living God of Hell", arrives in the ancient times to battle a scheming stepmother, pose as an innocent angel, and crush scumbags under her boot! However, fate plays a joke on her when she is betrothed to the Seventh Prince. Rumor has it that that man is almost twenty and wields great military power, but no family is bold enough to let their daughter marry him! Never did they imagine that a great man like him would also fall for a woman's charms... When the General Prince meets the Living God of Hell, his cold aura turns into the gentlest breeze as he willingly lays himself down at his wife's feet!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 84: Scheme Exposed 1,671 Aug-20-22
Chapter 82: Framed Again 1,704 Aug-15-22
Chapter 76 2,090 Aug-01-22
Chapter 67: Undress? Help? 2,297 Jul-20-22
Chapter 58 2,343 Jul-11-22
Chapter 28: Did I Hit You? 3,058 May-19-22
Chapter 22: Strung Along 3,072 May-19-22
Chapter 12: Using Matron Mo 2,994 May-19-22
Chapter 5: A Sudden Cliché 3,532 May-18-22

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