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  • Shun-chan, look over here!

    Alternative : 竣ちゃんこっちむいて!| Shun-chan, Kocchi Muite!; Shunchan Kotchi Muite

  • Author(s) : Samma Taro,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Oct-11-2022 11:11:12 AM
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  • Genres : Romance, Smut, Yaoi,
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  • rate : 3.76 / 5 - 117 votes

Shun-chan, look over here! summary:

Athletic. Academic. Handsome. "This guy is flawless, but he likes me so much he could cry." Shun and Haruto are best friends who have been together from childhood. However, Haruto, who has been in love with Shun for a long time ago, is, as Shun says, a troublesome guy who shows his affection to the person he likes regardless of where they are Despite saying that, Shun also loves Haruto and began to have perverted dreams about him frequently. At the height of his puberty, Shun couldn't be honest and acted hot and cold every day until, one day, he mistook the real Haruto for the one in his dreams and kissed him!? This is a BL about a youth full of worldly desires!+
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Chapter 5 5,165 Oct-11-22
Chapter 4 5,609 Oct-04-22
Chapter 3 4,488 Oct-04-22
Chapter 2 4,940 Oct-04-22
Chapter 1 5,862 Oct-04-22

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