Boku to Futari no Shiro Kuro Gohan CHAPTER LIST
  • Boku to Futari no Shiro Kuro Gohan

    Alternative : Dinner for Me and the Cats ; 僕とふたりのしろくろゴハン

  • Author(s) : Kazemachi Fuku,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug-05-2022 22:00:09 PM
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  • View : 43,596
  • Genres : Cooking, Fantasy, Slice of life, Supernatural,
  • Rating :
  • rate : 4.83 / 5 - 24 votes

Boku to Futari no Shiro Kuro Gohan summary:

An illustrator with two cats who doesn't even have a decent lifestyle, Mikami Takahiro.
A sudden surprise gift from God to him who's currently depressed, in slump at work, and tired of eating alone!
His beloved cats became human!
The rice that was prepared in hurry for those two who were hungry, for Takahiro is his first time dining with someone else after a long time.
Broken Japanese, small limbs, cute cheek and smile that appears when eating something yummy... A heart-warming story with two lovely werecats!
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