It's not as if I wanted to dress like a woman CHAPTER LIST
  • It's not as if I wanted to dress like a woman

    Alternative : It's not that I want to wear women's clothing

  • Author(s) : Cat Island Studio,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-18-2021 14:18:39 PM
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  • Genres : Comedy, Romance, Shoujo,
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It's not as if I wanted to dress like a woman summary:

For the sake of a tripled salary, straight male Lin Zicheng sheds his burdens and goes to work in women's clothing. Who would have expected that President Gu Fang, who never showed any interest in girls, would fall in love at first sight with the crossdressing Lin Zicheng?! Wasn't there a rumor that the president couldn't stand being near women and his orientation was questionable? "Where are your moral standards, President?!"


Para triplicar su salario, el heterosexual Zicheng Lin, descarta su guardarropa y empieza a vestir ropa de mujer para trabajar. Pero nunca espero que el presidente Fang Gu, a quien nunca le gustaron las mujeres, se enamorara a primera vista de Zicheng Lin vestido de mujer. ¿No hay un rumor de que al presidente le gusta el sexo femenino y hay un problema con su orientación? "Presidente, ¿dónde están sus principios morales?"
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 77.2: Get a Room 1,684 Nov-14-21
Chapter 69.2: Reflex Move 1,743 Oct-26-21
Chapter 67.2: That Won't Do 1,133 Oct-25-21
Chapter 59.2: Resignation 1,912 Oct-12-21
Chapter 48: Hidden Meaning 2,555 Sep-04-21
Chapter 41: Extra 2,513 Aug-28-21
Chapter 35: There Is Hope! 2,569 Aug-27-21
Chapter 34: Project 2,753 Aug-26-21
Chapter 30: How Enviable... 2,812 Aug-26-21
Chapter 17: You Know Him? 3,756 Aug-25-21
Chapter 8 4,323 Aug-22-21
Chapter 7 4,459 Aug-22-21
Chapter 6 8,484 Aug-22-21
Chapter 5 14,405 Aug-22-21
Chapter 3: Life Is Hard 6,075 Aug-22-21
Chapter 1 9,645 Aug-22-21
Chapter 0 8,584 Aug-22-21

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