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  • The Genius Idol’s Strategy to Stardom

    Alternative : The Genius Idol’s Strategy to Stardom

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The Genius Idol’s Strategy to Stardom summary:

Read Manhwa on WARNING:, the largest English comic websites has just updated the latest chapter of manhwa "The Genius Idol's Strategy to Stardom"Summary:Once-in-a-millennium handsome trainee, On Ha-je, vows never to set foot in the entertainment industry again after rejecting a sponsor's offer and losing his debut opportunity.That's, until he is sucked into an idol training game.Between finding hidden talents and growing as an idol, dealing with a stubborn system, and solving the past of the character he embodies, he finds himself struggling with no money, no home, and no knowledge.But he exclaims, "This is a big deal. It's fun!"He takes on challenges, pushes forward, and conquers them all. This is the story of the genius idol, On Ha-je, who isn't just a handsome face, but a multi-talented individual.A few words to introduce about the mangabuddy website:mangabuddy is the largest English comic website at present with thousands titles of all genres: , Action, , Drama, If you are satisfied with "The Genius Idol's Strategy to Stardom", please follow and support our website to be able to read other high-quality and early-release great comic series!Alternative Name:The Genius Idol's Strategy to Stardom Thank you for supporting subteam. Happy reading!
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Chapter 16 1,380 Sep-17-23
Chapter 15 1,949 Sep-07-23
Chapter 14 4,257 Jun-12-23
Chapter 13 3,401 Jun-05-23
Chapter 12 3,648 May-31-23
Chapter 11 3,724 May-31-23
Chapter 10 3,611 May-31-23
Chapter 8 3,669 May-31-23
Chapter 7 3,614 May-31-23
Chapter 6 3,938 May-31-23
Chapter 5 4,771 May-22-23
Chapter 4 4,800 May-10-23
Chapter 3 5,012 May-10-23
Chapter 2 5,920 May-10-23
Chapter 1 8,278 May-10-23

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