The Law of The Yama CHAPTER LIST

The Law of The Yama summary:

Zuo Hui is an introverted high school student from a poor family. One day, when secretly working a part time job outside, he is caught by his mother. After the two have a heated dispute, Zuo Hui angrily turns away and leaves. Distracted by thoughts of guilt and regret, he loses footing and falls down a rain-flooded sewer hole. When Zuo Hui awakes he finds himself in a sealed room surrounded by a group of diverse strangers and with a rope around his neck. The more he struggles to take off the rope, the tighter it becomes. Where is this? Who are you people? And who exactly is that self-proclaimed “Yama”?
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 11: Master Yama's Laws 7,051 11-26 09:31
Chapter 9: Lu Zi 9,638 11-17 11:14
Chapter 8: Sorry 9,771 11-10 07:59
Chapter 7: Survive 10,612 11-06 09:32
Chapter 5: Desperation 17,099 06-22 12:27
Chapter 4 16,266 01-13 17:25
Chapter 3 18,404 10-05 21:12
Chapter 2 19,378 10-05 21:11
Chapter 1 32,104 10-05 21:10