• Wing

  • Author(s) : Kim Yoon Jung,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-26-2018 11:21:04 AM
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  • Genres : Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, School life,
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Wing summary:

From Sherbet Lemon: An energetic, cheery high school girl named Garam was having a peaceful(?) school life until she runs into a cute boy name Lime. Trouble started as Lime and his best friend, Yuyi moves to her school and monster start showing up and she's the only one around who can see it. What's more, Lime happens to be a prince from another world who came to this world to find his missing bride who he doesn't even know the face of. As time passes, Lime starts to feel weird around Garam... ...And Garam feels the same except that it wasn't toward Lime but to Yuyi... It starts as a normal school life story, but it turns to a fantasy from the late middle.
Maybe coming in the next issue
Wing chapter 3
Wing chapter 4
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.01 Chapter 2.2 7,002 Jun-26-18
Vol.01 Chapter 2.1 4,754 Jun-26-18
Vol.1 Chapter 1 5,498 Jan-21-16

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