• 至尊重生

  • Author(s) : DXD A&C,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Nov-19-2021 17:47:12 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen,
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至尊重生 summary:

The Emperor of Thunder, Chen Lei, failed in his ascension, and as fate would have it, he reincarnated back to his teenage days when his family hadn't been destroyed and his parents hadn't died tragically. Chen Lei is determined to make up for his regrets! With memories of his past life, Chen Lei, with his enormous talents, embarks on his ultimate journey to become invincible—to protect his family, to crush his enemies, and attain all the treasures in the world. When he's drunk, he's surrounded by pretty women; when he's sober, he's the invincible supreme with the power to control the world!
Maybe coming in the next issue
至尊重生 chapter 39
至尊重生 chapter 40
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 38: Skirt-Chaser 738 Nov-19-21
Chapter 36.2: Departure 1,411 Nov-18-21
Chapter 34.1: A Match 906 Nov-15-21
Chapter 30.2: Fire Attack 1,509 Nov-05-21
Chapter 25.2: I'm Rich! 1,748 Oct-26-21
Chapter 25.1: I'm Rich! 1,750 Oct-26-21
Chapter 14.2: Ready to Go! 4,014 Oct-07-21
Chapter 14.1: Ready to Go! 2,091 Oct-16-21
Chapter 1.2: Thunderstorm 8,080 Oct-04-21
Chapter 1.1: Thunderstorm 14,136 Oct-04-21

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