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  • Sorry If I’m So Ugly

  • Author(s) : Ersanjiulu Studio,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Oct-22-2020 19:01:25 PM
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  • Genres : Romance, Slice of life,
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Sorry If I’m So Ugly summary:

Yi Feng is a diligent girl in her studies on science and engineering, and a person who believes in the power of ones own strength. Until one day, she could suddenly see that everyone had a score on their heads, and this score seemed to be related to the value of ones beauty. Finally, Yi Feng, who was able to distinguish between beauty and ugliness, found out that all kinds of troubles come with being ugly. Then, a male beauty appeared in front of her. Will he be the start of Yi Feng’s new hope? But this path to becoming a CEO goddess and marrying Gao Shuaifu does not seem to be an easy one…
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Chapter 0 890 Oct-22-20

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