Maseki Gurume: Mamono no Chikara o Tabeta Ore wa Saikyou! CHAPTER LIST
  • Maseki Gurume: Mamono no Chikara o Tabeta Ore wa Saikyou!

    Alternative : 魔石グルメ 魔物の力を食べたオレは最強!,魔石グルメ 魔物の力を食べたオレは最強!, 魔石グルメ ~魔物の力を食べたオレは最強!~

  • Author(s) : Yuuki Ryou , Kenji Sugawara, Chisato Naruse,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb-13-2021 04:42:47 AM
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  • View : 5,265,605
  • Genres : Action, Adventure, Fantasy,
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  • rate : 4.8 / 5 - 3167 votes

Maseki Gurume: Mamono no Chikara o Tabeta Ore wa Saikyou! summary:

In this world, It's only me who can get stronger by eating Magic Stones! <br><br>At one point, I received an offer to have a smooth life reincarnation from the Goddess-sama... But the skill I got as a prize is Toxins Decomposition EX. Ugh, what a plain skill! Its so pitiful that even my own family makes fun of me... <br>However, one day I realized that because of this skills effect, I can eat and gain power from Magic Stones! I've also been notified that I'm the prince from a neighboring country!? What awaits me in the castle are days of experimenting with Magic Stones and training, the perfect environment for me to become the strongest man there is... <br>And to top it off, I received the Magic Stone of Dullahan! <br>The story of a boy on the path to become a King while being chased by an assertive fiancee and Female Knights starts here!
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 15 58,150 Sep-30-20
Chapter 12 60,285 Jul-03-20
Chapter 11 63,747 Jun-19-20
Chapter 10: The Reunion 111,181 Apr-27-20
Chapter 9 160,282 Mar-21-20
Chapter 8 150,092 Mar-18-20
Chapter 7 205,483 Jan-14-20
Chapter 6 208,750 Dec-18-19
Chapter 5 222,909 Oct-31-19
Chapter 4 224,164 Sep-16-19
Chapter 3 242,691 Aug-13-19
Chapter 2 236,763 Jul-08-19
Chapter 1.2: 220,552 Jun-14-19

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