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The Former Hero was Called as a Failure and Expelled From His Home, Decided to Live on His Own

The Former Hero Was Called As A Failure And Expelled From His Home, Decided To Live On His Own

Chapter 7.2 Chapter 7.1 Author(s) : Kouzuki Shin,Karasuma Ru Updated : Mar-16-2021 15:20 View : 3,676,450
Not Lives

Not Lives

Ch.52 Ch.51 Author(s) : KARASUMA Wataru Updated : Nov-04-2016 13:08 View : 486,168
Deus x Makina

Deus X Makina

Vol.04 Chapter 027 : The Choice Of Tomorrow [End] Vol.04 Chapter 026 : The Ones Who Will Destroy Author(s) : Karasuma Wataru Updated : Dec-25-2017 22:40 View : 228,174

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