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    Alternative : ヘルベチカ ; helvetica ヘルベチカ
  • Author(s) : Tsukiba Shizuka,
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Feb-20-2018 01:12:39 AM
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  • Genres : Action, Drama, Seinen, Supernatural,
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  • rate : 2.75/ 5 - 4 votes

helvetica summary:

Mayuzumi Asahi is a university student in Economics who lives alone and from time to time cooks for his two buddies. He also is a Otaku for a magical girls show called "Ikai no Majoko" (t/n: "Magical Girl from another World") and collects figurines, posters and other merchandise of it. This show has a twist that reveals that the Attackers from another world are actually from 10000 years in the past, which makes him consider the show a masterpiece. One day a girl with a black cat on her shoulder breaks into his apartment and attacks him with a stun gun while he is doing the dishes. He accidentally cuts himself on a knife in the process. After that ordeal he goes to work at his in a shop for Anime-related goods. In the process of going after a female costumer who'd forgotten something he saves her from harassment, but gets beaten up by the harasser for his troubles. Luckily he suddenly summons a flaming car that runs the Attacker over? He understandably gets taken into police custody afterwards, who decide to drug and kidnap him to a remote location. After getting questioned by masked figures in black uniforms they decide that he is a Witch and burn him alive accordingly.
Maybe coming in the next issue
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Chapter 10 569 2 day ago
Chapter 9 1,155 01-29 20:22
Chapter 8 1,353 11-13 11:34
Chapter 7 1,875 10-18 01:38
Chapter 6 1,583 10-17 14:32
Chapter 5 1,446 09-14 02:28
Chapter 4 1,492 09-04 01:28
Chapter 2 1,685 07-26 07:31
Chapter 1 2,143 06-19 13:45