Magakakalot has them all available for you to read. We are committed to providing free, high-quality manga and customer service. Moreover, users’ safety online is crucial to us as well, hence we have made our website registration free with strictly controlled ads. Despite that, we always make sure to update new chapters and titles daily like other premium websites. It is highly likely to find your favourite manga on Mangakakalot thanks to our huge content library, otherwise, please request our staff and we will make it available for you ASAP!


Mangakakalot was created solely to make meaningful and entertaining manga available for everyone regardless of their situations and locations. We have achieved our current popularity thanks to the support from our huge number of readers! There is nothing wrong with it, hence we have determined to improve our content and service quality without costing you a dime. Our revenue comes from strictly controlled and organized ads that you see on the website. However please be aware that many scammers and hackers are targeting fake Mangakakalot websites, if not careful, you will be trapped in viruses, malware and identity theft,... For your safety, please only read manga on our official website!


Currently, is our only official website of Mangakakalot. Other websites that have similar URLs and names with us are potentially fake and scams so please be cautious. In any case, here are some of our popular features that could differentiate us from fake Mangakakalot, please use this as your guide to protect yourself.

- Excellent quality manga : As mentioned above, our main goal is to provide manga lovers with their best and safest place to read manga. Here on Mangakakalot, we do not only make manga free but also ensure their high quality before they reach our users. We hope this will give you the satisfaction and relaxing time you deserve.

- No extensions or downloads needed : This is mainly to prevent you from cyber risks and scams as these are the hot problems these days on the internet. Moreover, your device will be lighter and the site will load more quickly and smoothly when you have fewer extensions and more memory.

- Free manga : Mangakakalot believes free entertainment is the best! We want to make manga available for everyone regardless of their background and situation. All you need is just the internet and a device to read on.

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- Unlimited content library : For manga enthusiasts, this is probably the main thing why they love Mangakakalot. We upload all the titles daily and are open to your requests for new titles. Hence the fun is endless here on Mangakakalot and you can always find some manga to binge read in your free time.